What can I do for to get off my house lease?

A lease is usually a contract in which state it will occupy for a specified period of time for a specific amount of money.  

They are used to provide the landlord with the knowledge that you have a steady cash flow from your property. It also allows the tenant peace of mind that can not be forced to move in that amount of time.

All that being said, paid money to sign the lease?  

Have you made ​​a deposit or paid money for something related to this property? You may be able to cancel the lease based on the fact that no money changed hands. If you give money, which consummated the deal.

Please read your Lease

Read your lease. It will tell you what can or can not do. Contact the owner to see if they are open to keep out of the agreement, or the penalties to be paid for breaking his contract. Think twice the next time you sign a contract.

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