You know there are two ways to work at home

1 - A work at home work - usually hard to come by and pay very little. You are still working for someone else and only do what they want you to do. It is a job so there will be no upfront costs.

2 - A home based business. If you can find the right one, you will reap the rewards forever. This business is a business of brick and mortar, but at a fraction of the cost. Generally, you will pay an initial cost ($ 10 - $ 500).  

Usually a monthly fee to cover the above websites or from another company. What is minimal compared to if I had a brick and mortar business (electricity, sewerage, inventory, etc.) There are limits to the amount of money you can make and the business is usually willable and sellable!

What is the  difference

After trying and trying finally decided to Reply # 2. I seem to have made ​​a career out of failing home-based businesses before finding the right one. I like helping people make informed decisions about working at home.


I have been very successful at work and at home for several years. It's something you have to put your mind and be determined to succeed no matter what. There are many naysayers and negative people out there. Just put the blinders on and go full speed with what you choose to do.

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Cat Ray said...

This is very helpful, I have been learning about how to start a business , to try and expand my business.

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