What could I make and sell to teenagers?

Advice 1

sell soft drinks at school and is fround upon but I buy from Woolworths cheaper and sell at school for $ 2 each carry in my bag.

I bring 15 a day, I get $ 30 per day I get $ 150 per week and everyone wants more and more. if sold soft drinks have to be careful that there are no teachers to find, but make it much money. I'm saving so you can buy a vending machine so I can make even more money

Advice 2

Selling candidates like Twix bars, Snickers and Kit Kat. trust me, you will make a profit large enough over time. This girl in my school sells chocolate bars every day, she is my friend and she and tons of money, a few hundred extra dollars

Advice 3

I have a brilliant idea for you and this is what I used to do as a teenager ...

Buy some buttons, some of elastic eBay and make some bracelets and re-sell for like $ 5.00 and have only spent a few cents on each wrist if they break down. Goth and EMO Girls go for the kitsch look all the time. I think it would be a popular sale. From here you can make $ 50.00 or $ 75.00 a week.

Another thing I used to do was make my own clothes. You could get a cheap sewing machine and a "How To" Guide to Amazon and make your own clothes. Place ornaments and charms of the skull or spider / brooch pins. Add lace. Click EMO gothic clothing or appearance.

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