That Way the Oil Companies Make Profits

  • Drilling
  • Refining
  • Other aspects and many retail
I understand Refining for about 0.38 cents per gallon. Retail ago from .02 to .03 and I've heard "Oil" companies made 0.07 cents per gallon ..... I also understand that taxes equal $ 0.40 per gallon
Exxon had profits of 11billion profits. I'm not sure if that is before or after tax. I think the world is.

Are you doing all volume gains? 
Energy seems to have a margin of 8%. Compared to say uhhhh? Pharma, which is much higher than that borders on both sidelines, but globally the volume is so incredibly high that made 11billion sick room? But Exxon says often only have access to less than 3% of the worlds oil.


Or other similar companies making profits for the fourth 11billion U.S. dollars with such low margins? Are most of your investment money? Are they selling games consoles on the side too? Where, most say 80-90% of their earnings from one volume?

Presumably the oil companies drill for oil and oil that gets sold to other countries or keep it and sell it in their presentation stations for a profit and do well in both the UK and the U.S.. UU ..


Charge more for a product or service you have paid. It is the way business and how businesses survive. It would not make sense for a store to charge exactly the same amount of an element, and he paid for the item from your provider. The same applies to the manufacture and processing

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