Backlinks are a powerful tool for SEO?

Backlinks are important because they show the search engine robots search relevance of a website is. The decline more point back to your site, more than a search engine robot would interpret the site is useful to others.

So you can have a fantastic site, but if no one else is linking to it, your site could be interpreted as less useful. So there's an industry of people creating backlinks to content, in order to raise search engine rankings.

The website itself should have a solid basis, but after that, other people have to think about your site as useful and relevant.

Backlinks are the key to SEO.

To improve the Page Rank you need lots of content and more backlinks. Spinblitz will create unlimited items (they have a free trial) and if you have Wordpress blogs are automated no scrolling features. View spinblitz-dot-com

By the way - Do not waste your $ $ $ on the wrong kind of backlinks - not going to work. From Google "Panda" update many things have changed.

Google has moved the field and simple text link is almost counterproductive, linkbuilding pyramid and not worth the effort, but contextuality Links SERPS will get an almost immediate improvement.

Most of the backlinks to be offered today will be either simple text in the blog profile or blog comments. Tens of thousands of both can be done within 24 hours using Scrapebox, and because Google is giving simple text links less weight in the SERPS.

If you watch the latest video from Matt Cutts, the Google guru, you'll learn that contextuality backlinks are more valuable now. Contextuality backlinks are links placed within an article or blog posts that are in the context of its surrounding text, so they look natural.

For example, an article about the fire that could be linked to a URL Firestation. These are long time and always need to create an image to get Google juice possible.

For anyone who is planning to create backlinks I recommend you take 3 minutes to watch the video of Matt Cutts in autoseosystem-dot-com. If you recognize the change he speaks. then subsequently use their free software to create some articles contextuality, with their own URL.

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