What is the Work of a Consultant?

Consultants are highly educated and experienced experts in a particular field or niche that help people and businesses to solve problems in that particular area which is his specialty. 

In general

Financial consultants help people and businesses solve financial problems, relocation consultants to help people / companies are moving home or business to a new location, management consultants help companies with the organization management and management problems, etc. Of course, we focus on very specific specialties.

Travel, income, difficulty, etc.

Varies widely, it is hard to say. Travel depends on your area of expertise and your market area. Some top international travel consultants that have both a "home" - buying a house, etc - they are always flying from one country to another. Others hardly drive more than 30 miles from home - ever.
Difficulty depends on your level of experience 

How good you are at what you do. If you are very intelligent, well educated, have enough experience, etc, most of it is very easy - it's hard for anyone who has not faced and resolved similar situations before! There is only a market for consultants when people face difficult situations and need help, advice, problem-solving experience of someone who has "been there, done that, and has done very, very well done. "

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