because women spend more money than men

Girls do everything possible to get along with the purchase of expensive like lipstick, handbags, jewelry, makeup and fine clothes ... Most men really do not have to do any of that feel that look good without it

For example a Men:

  • You do not need a million shoes
  • You do not need a closet full of a lifetime supply of clothes
  • No need to buy makeup
  • No need to do at home an art gallery
  • No need to buy clothes for pets
  • Jewelry need not have a room there
Women need to buy tampons, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, high heels, dresses, bags, cluch, flats, nail polish, diet shakes, earrings, braclets, gold rings, dimonds. Also, women who spend a lot of money are more widely accepted in social cliques.

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