If you Need new ideas or inspiration to get out of debt

Well, can not be the best ever done, but you may want to look for another job because their work only 30 hours a week. Not to say that 30 hours is not much, but if I could find a job that is good and works with your schedule of work of others, then you could get more money, which goes to the debt movement.  

Second, limit what you buy. If you are buy a large amount of food, only buy enough for a little while and save some money, do not buy a lot of junk food (if you do), just buy food that takes you through the day and over time should be there, 50% out of debt is to the head and the other 50% is put to work:)
Another Idea

Find a better paying job, go back to school and get more education so you can increase your income level up to where you are not upside down all the time.


If you are on the internet I would say that you have access to the network, why not start writing books at / Kindle is free to register and have no fee to publish your eBooks. You make money on the number of eBooks sold it is not your pocket and you can write whatever you want, just pick the subject you know something about it. There was a girl who wrote four books about vampires and more than $ 3 million in sales in less than 2 years, so give it a shot.

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