Carry only Cash to save money so I can actually have a FUTURE

I have a hard time saving money and spending money on things that i dont really need. I seem to buy stuff i really dont need or i just buy just because and wasting money on high price clothes.

Have it your way

Carry only Cash. it is easier to spend money you don't see like with a credit or debit card or check. also carry only a small amount.

if you need to make a bigger purchase it will give you time to go and get the money and prevet the impulse buy. also carry small bills. if you want a soda go in buy a soda and pay with ones. you don't feel like you need to buy a couple items to use your fifty.

budget your money only allow you self a certain amount of cash a week and once its gone and it gone

Do carry only cash and write down every single penny you spend. Then ask yourself some hard questions such as, "Do I really want to spend $100 a month at Star Bucks or do I want to save money so I can actually have a FUTURE!"

Quicken mint: It is a FREE on line budgeting program. You allocate money to specific categories and if you don't have a category you don't spend, if you have spent all your clothing budget, that is it. You can carry forward excess but you can't borrow ahead. Simple, and works.

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