How much does it cost to ask someone to make a website?

To ask them is free and they will quote you a price depending on how complex the website you want is. A single page will be very cheap. A few pages with a booking feature, for example, would be more expensive.

Decide what you want and then speak to a few different web designers to get a good price. Ask to see examples of their work and for their ideas on how your website should be.

You could find a website you like for another bar and restaurant and contact the designers of that.

It depends on where you are. In our small town the charge is 350 and up. In the city prices start at 550 and go up.
  • Do you have any college age kids working for you?
    If so, ask them.
    You would be surprised and they might now already how to set up a site.
    Quite a bit of kids know how to do this.
    I'm basically and idiot and I went and got a book called
    Creating a website for Dummies.
    Very simple book. It's not a hard process to create your own or get a kid to do it
it costs nothing to "ASK"

to actually create one - it depends on what yuo want - for a restaurant, all you would need are a couple of pages - main page with picture of restaurant, address, telephone number, hours you are open, a link to google maps so people can find you

page 2 - your menu

bingo - you're done

you could probably get a high school kid to create it for $50 -100
monthly website hosting can be as low as $5-10/month and probably $60 annual charge or less for your domainname

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