I need coupons tell me What are some good websites for it

You mean for groceries/household items? I Subscribe to Coupon Bug ( Free to join. The coupons change monthly and always feature coupons for grcery/household items that I'm going to buy anyway. No issues with surveys or spam.

There are a bunch more sites, but I find that they all seem to feature the same coupons at the same time, so I see no sense in signing up for several.

Also....go to the websites of the products that you plan to buy. Some real "gems" can be found. Many times I find coupons on the company site that you don't see offered anywhere else.

Other sources:

Clip coupons from Sunday paper. I save at least $15 just from manufacturers coupons each week. Here's a tip: If the barcode of a coupon begins with the #9, it will not double. However, if it begins with the #5, it will automatically double, even it it the coupon states "DO NOT DOUBLE".

Store coupons. At my store, they hand them out when they hand me my receipt. Some of those are big savers, too.

Get the store sale circular and "do your homework" BEFORE going to the store. Absolutely a must. Build your grocery list (and meals for the week) around the sale items. Yes, I said "list". NEVER go grocery shopping without a prepared list. It's just stupid. The night before I go shopping, I have in front of me at the kitchen table: Store circular, all of my coupons, my "list in progress", and a cold beverage. Plan your meals, snacks, and beverages around sale items. It's so easy. If something is not on sale this week, it, or something similar, will likely be on sale next week, so buy it then.

Learn your store's "patterns." It becomes very predictable as to when something will go on sale, stretching your coupons even further.

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