How to do the Philadelphia Business Priviledge Tax?

If you own a rental property in the city of Philadelphia and the rental income generated, you must submit a business Priv Tax (BPT) return. Be 15 April every year.  

You also have to pay upfront for the new year. Therefore, if you file your 2010 BPT 4/15/11, you have to pay any BPT, 2010, and the estimate for 2011 BPT.  

Of course, when you file your 2011 BPT 4/15/12 will receive a credit for what he has already paid that year BPT. The rate is not that god awful, so the best thing is that the file properly and be done with it rather than ignore it or, God forbid, put all the zeros "and filing a false tax return.

Do you have a license BPT?

It requires anyone who engages in leasing activity in Philadelphia. The identification and license number of BPT are issued on a lifetime basis for the fee of $ 300. Once the license of BPT can be used for all businesses within the city.

Good luck!

(If you click my first link below leads to a page where you can print your tax return and instructions. It is very likely to come with the EZ return is not as difficult to fill.)


Can be confused with an exception in the law that says Phila BPT: "This section does not include the activity of renting a property that is the principal residence of the owner, is fully residential and has three or fewer rental units ". Therefore, if you live in the property, and since it has less than 4 units, then not subject to BPT. 

However, as you said that you do not live in it, then this exception does not applies. Although she gave him bad advice, I can understand how misunderstood the tax law. Again, please pay the BPT. not worth the hassle of Phila breathing down their necks.)

City of Phil BPT page for 2010 -…

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