You may Request a new Credit (Capital One) by Transferring Balances to a limit Credit Card

You may or may not qualify for a card with a limit sufficient to cover the two balances. It really depends on what is in your credit report. If your story is limited (too new, too few) can not qualify.

Read the fine print of the offer. 

Sometimes the offers of 0% have additional traps. What will the interest rate to 0% of the offer expire? You should plan on paying most, if not all, of the balance of the credit card within that period of 12 months. Carry balances and shifting debt from one card to another may have problems.

Well since they have a higher score you can get a credit limit of large size. I really do not know what will pass though. I had the same idea and there were two letters that he wanted to transfer. 

I ended up getting only half of what I needed to transfer them so I do not really help at all. I did make more payments. You can apply for the card and then if long enough, you can tranfer balances. Or just a tranfer and the other is whether enough.

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