What is the term "Returns" about tax Returns?

Your tax return is the role or set of documents to submit, either by mail or electronically. The money we get is a refund, although many people use the wrong term and call it a comeback. If there was a lot out of youe paycheck, we will refund the extra.
"only means" tax return for the year. "

Fill out the easy way, you can get money back. ways of presenting, ie. 1040EZ, or long form 1040, called a return. to help you can call 1 800 829 3676 and ask for the publication of 17 to help or you can view or download at

"I do not make anything"

So the only way I would have a filing requirement is that if you had an investment income of $ 950 or more scholarships and grants that paid more than $ 5800 for living expenses. As a dependent, you would not get anything in return as they do not put anything in.

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