Ideas to Open a Dog Boutique and a SPA for Children

The pet industry is very strong, you have a lot of things online that you can research - google start. Use words like products industry mascotas "and" marketing articles pet shop "and read everything can.  

Very Important

No just looking in owning shop (meaning licensing and city approval) you need know about wholesale purchasing where get sample and dog breeders for connecting.  

There are a huge backlash against puppy mills and many dogs from there are raised without human contact or health checks. Parents are spending lifetime cage and breed again and only puppies. Not good for the industry.

About Business

You gotta have business plan knows where can have a store open welcomes customers find best work, around rental costs with owner and costs utilities learn hiring and manage people, finding wholesale items for resale and obtain loans bank.

With a spa day --- the city has for you the license to and the health department. There permissions required. In addition, you have to find a supplier for all your towels, all facilities, hire staff, etc. 

Read about everything you can.

Most of it is online somewhere, just keep looking on Google. A see if anyone in your city has speak something similar and go to owner or manager when're kinda greater tell you things you need know. In addition, your local SBA (Small Business Association) and SCORE offices have retired business owners who are there for free to guide new businesses in the way of doing things.

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