How to organize your time to better serve your customers

If you do odd jobs for people who do not always possible to know how long the work will take. It can be difficult to know what time or what day it will end and so other people report it working for when you can begin. How can this problem of time management can be improved?

Have it your way

That's why they are called "Odd Jobs". Just be up front with them on the basis of the situation, and say that a period of time. Y: Work faster.

Work in the longest time that any work you may have and make sure that at this rate you can earn enough to stay afloat, otherwise you have to think about raising their prices.

Another way to fix is sometimes better to ask more questions of their customers so they have a better idea of how long it will take. As suggested elsewhere, the job faster gives you more time to do other work and thus earn more money.

Very difficult. You may have a minimum of, say half a day. For what they charge for half a day, whatever. Then you can schedule two jobs a day (or more if it ends soon)

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