What career is better, the wise money management, business or business brand?

I suppose that, financially, business administration would be the best option, because that is the background of its CEO and billionaires usually come. However, this route also presents the most competition. 

I assume (I know what to suggest otherwise, and accept my fate.)) That the marketing of the business has the potential to make lots and lots of money, and may be more suitable for someone with more of a creative spark to them.  

Someone who is the average person thinks and reacts to even the slightest. With this in mind, the market really has a lot of knowledge and interest in the psychology of consumers. 

So what I'm getting with all this is that either way, you stand to make a decent living. It really just depends on what would be the route to accomplish more in life. When you are satisfied and happy as a human, monetary wealth is less important.  

Not that money is not important in this day and age, but if you're happy in what you do, no matter what you do five thousand less than the CEO who could have been. Food for thought. :) I wish you peace and happiness in everything you do. 

Everyone under the sun has operated business. Expertise: making marketing, economics, business accounting, business finance, advertising, etc.

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