If you have 650 credit score is good?

If you have that score from Experian, it is a Vantage score and poor. Vantage has a scale of 500 to 990. It is also a waste of money for no FICO score. Creditors use FICO.

The site uses Equifax FICO scores. You can also get FICO scores from Equifax and TransUnion in Consumers can not get FICO scores from Experian more. The sites use Experian and TransUnion Vantage. Monitoring services, including the ones who give all three scores, the scores Fakkan. offers a free score estimator based on your TransUnion report. FICO is not, but within 50 points or so. Pretty good if you are just curious about your score.

Much more important than your score is what shows on their actual credit reports. You can get your free annual credit report from each of the three credit bureaus online at

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