How to protect a Trademark or an Invention?

There are certain criteria that have to go to qualify for a patent and trademark or You can go online to the U.S. website Patent Office and see if your idea qualifies.

Very Important

Some things can not be patented - One criterion is that if something is changed - then the Patten is not good - so you could not patent something like a recipe - unless it unique (such as Coca-Cola and KFC Chicken) - then can be protected as "intellectual property"- but can not patent "flour, sugar, spices, etc."

Have it Your Way
Legal Zoom can can help - or find a patent attorney - for a price. A registered trademark - it's just a "name " or logo that is used - you must be a trademark license if it is to use the name of another state or to protect your "name" - but you have to use it in trade in a certain time shows, which have orders or sold through the state borders, etc.

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