What is the difference between a Realtor and Real Estate Agent?

A realtor is a real estate agent that belongs to the NAR, the National Association of Realtors. The two officers asked about handling the severed ends of the offer.
Take this Example

while his foot in the room realtors that I said a while ago, on the right can be a listing agent for the house of your interested in and if the agent on the left can be found for get a house is to be the dealer. if you are the way to deal with the buyer to the list.  


When the house is sold to the two agents (the right and one left will split the commission), which is 6% which is less than the commission came from the last time I bought a house. But what ever it is your party. Now, for example, walking in the same office and in contact with the same agent who lists the house and then sells the home to you. The agent keeps the entire commission, but the agent who works for also makes a commission of 6%​​.

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Victoria Block said...

The explanation somehow clears up my definition between the Realtor and the real estate agent. Actually, I thought that these two is almost the same. This post really helps me a lot in defining the difference of the two word. Thanks anyway!

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Hamptons RealEstate said...

It's best to buy the property. When you rent it's like you are putting your money in a coin bank with an open bottom, your money does not get you anything.

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fedricsonya said...
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Jacoblrishly said...

A absolute acreage agenda for auction can be a mortgage note, a arrangement for auction or a acreage contract.

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Chris Pia said...

This is an interesting article. Im not sure how I came across a real estate article, but interesting read.

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