What is the difference between an LLC and INC normal society?

  • LLC is smaller, thinner and easier to handle, but not all states recognize the LLC.
  • A C-corp and have full stocks of material and may be owned by different parties to different people.
You have to realize that a corporation is a separate entity from you. 

As he did not say "purchase funds" is supposed to mean I have to remind you that there are two ways to spend the money ... One is that spending money as a corporation (ie, drawing a check from current account funds of the corporation for the company, as could be, buy a photocopier and some office chairs), or get paid a salary and spending as an individual (i.. email is your own money now.)

Do you see the difference?

  • A company buys a car would be a business expense (probably) esp. if actually used for business.
  • A person who transfers money to the company to your personal account to buy a car is called embezzlement. (usually).

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