What are the best careers that pay a average salary (medium)?

Well careers and jobs and salary ranges are completely different ... If you want a job ... Will be only of wages unless your minnium in a nursing home or factory.

For Example

Careers depend on what your interested in like money and mathematics? Broker, accountant, how to help? Anthesisology physical therapist. If you like sports? Sports medicine. This is your life so choose wisely and have a drink and enjoy.

Have it Your Way

No matter how incredible career, unless they conform to! the first question, what do you know? Do you have any skill? Everyone can make a toddler, an incredible race, if they are good enough in this field, otherwise no chance ..  

And sometimes what we think is an incredible career, you learn that it is not surprising that after all .. When looking for work should be guided according to their education and skills .. What do you think you are good for everyone fit? in different areas. should know yours. When you enter a field that is not good enough, is just a waste of time, and probably too much money.

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