Do I have to Complete a Form 1099 for each job Freelance Work?

For each company that you work and receive a minimum of $ 600 the company is required to submit Form 1099 for tax purposes. If less than the minimum that you can contact a company to know how much he did in order to file your tax return.

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You do not file a separate return for each 1099 that you receive. That separate list (detailed information about the company and the amount of that company), but when you change the amount to your Form 1040 (Schedule C, if you have a business).

It is not "fill" a 1099.  

Companies send you to show how much you have paid during the year. It uses information about the 1099 when completing your tax return. And even if a company does not send a 1099, still must report that income on their taxes, as well as all other income.

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