I Would like to Know which Company is the Best Investment

Forget trying to buy individual stocks, you will lose all your money. Open an account at the forefront and choose a basket of funds, low-cost exchange traded.  

Take Your Way

Try 25% in each: short-term bonds, the total market for U.S. securities, total international and U.S. small value. Adhere to this assignment, and it will become larger over the next forty years. If you want to be a trader, Scottrade choose if you want to be an investor, choose Vanguard.

Also Search Broker

Go with a discount broker with most products and services at bargain prices. From his youth to go with E-Trade or Schwab, and you can download applications to your cell phone or IPAD. Internet sites are easy to use.

  • no, buy a property.
  • buy gold
  • get some time check out
You need to start with a minimum $ 500 account for only $ 2k to use the room (be careful) and $ 20 thousand a day trade.

  • Scottrade is good, I started with that.
  • Zecco is good for cheap shopping
  • thinkorswim is best for shorting.
Have not tried e-commerce. I think I have a long ShareBuilder not use it much

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