Vocational guidance. about the profession of Optometry and College of Pharmacy?

I would choose optometry, but I can be a bit biased. The scope of optometry differs from the pharmacy in which reality and treat patients not taking drugs as much. So is the big question. Would you like to deal with the medications or do not like working with patients.  


Most pharmacists i do not know to meet their patients directly because they Pharm technical background and work only when patients ask for information about drugs. Optometry is a profession actually a very broad scope, with expertise in the disease, low vision, vision therapy, etc..


If you choose optometry, not only prescribed glasses, I can gauarantee that. You learn a lot about eye disease and if you do a residency at the illness of her no different from an ophthalmologist, unless a optalmologist can do surgery and prescribe drugs and treatment of systemic diseases.


Some argue that the employment prospects for optometry is not good due to saturation, but if you look at the work for the pharmacy, dentistry, family doctors, there satruation in most urban cities so this is not a issue facing optometry alone.


If your concern about not being able to enter optometry school, do not worry there are 3 new schools as the Western program of optometry that more or less have anyone with a pulse and has money. haha. But if you want to go to better schools, as SCCO then you have to bring those grades up.

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