What is the Profession I can Meet Famous People and to Travel a lot?

Paparazzi - to move much and to meet lots of famous people, but not always on good terms. Income is commission based, if you're good to 75k/year.

U.S. D.E.A. Agent - Federal Wage good benefits, you get to know many famous people here, as most celebrities coke quite often towards the weekend.

Orange County CA. State Police - Get the jump from the famous driving through California. To do a lot of driving for a very reasonable salary, benefits negotiable.

Have Your Way
  • A flight attendant, a reporter or photographer Stuart, etc.
  • Yes, a job he would if the right one - manager / air stewardess, butler and housekeeper (no kidding), etc.
  • A flight attendant or a journalist or photographer. You have to be very good at his job in order to to meet famous people and travel however.
  • Journalism to get a job for a magazine

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