I Had Created a Website, But How Can I Promote?

I had created and uploaded a new website, but I'm new on this business, so How can I promote my website. So that my website appears on google or yahoo when people do search!

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A friend of mine promoted her's by taking out actual physical classified ads in big city newspapers with large circulations like "Visit My website at  if you're into Raggae" or whatever, I hear they're cheap compared to online advertising.

Start pasting telephone poles with the website, shout it from a rooftop, sign wavers work now days, send up homemade balloon or balloons with the website address.

Get girls wearing t-shirts with the website to hold car washes.

Search engine optimization can also help you generate free web traffic.
Try article promotion, social bookmarking, and link building on various forums.
It will help you generate more clicks and visitors from search engines.

Promote your website in google and yahoo by using this links.……
Just submit your site links.your site will be indexed.
You can target some keywords,it will promote your site in top position and participate in
  • social bookmarking
  • directory submission
  • blog commenting
  • Forum participation and so on.

AT first you start doing some on-page SEO link submission to niche directory and article category, link negotiation with same theme site, forum posting and blog commenting. When your site gets indexed then start doing on-page SEO like SMO, Advertisement.

SEO is the processes by which you can rank your website in all the search engine with the help of targeted keywords which will generate the business or leads for you. But this is not the easy task for this you have to contact with an organization which is working for the same. Because SEO has the 12 to 14 department and parallely we have to work for all then we are able to get the result.

Create a Facebook page for your site, create a Twitter profile and some other profile and grow your network.

Try Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising, target the right audience and you can drive a lot of traffic to your site.

But if you want your site to appear higher in search results you should learn more about SEO (Search engine optimization) and optimize your site so search engines will fall in love with it :) Try to find tips about SEO online, there are many useful blogs about this.

There are many places to promote your website on internet.
You can google search based on the right, targeted keywords - Huge List of Free Classified Websites. The informative website compiled and developed by Professional Webmasters, is published at Blogspot.
There are many Free Classifieds Directory in the world wide web.
Find the right category and post your listing there.

Additionally, you can go directly to or google search top ranking Free Classifieds Directory.
Such site offers organized category that is appropriate for you to advertise your website via free or paid service.
Google search using the following keywords and you can find them easily.

- Biggest Classifieds
- Best Online Classifieds
- Free Classifieds Directory
- Free Community Classifieds
- Largest Classifieds
- Free Ads Tv
- Free Ads Uk
- Community Classifieds
- Post Free Ads

When you promote your website at Free Classifieds Directory, your website (url link) would be picked up (during a routine crawl) and indexed by top search engines such as google.

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