If you want some advice regarding your current matter its simple.

Make your own money.. if you don't like the sound of that and are a what we say a 9 till 5er or whatever, then you are going to have to start telling people to F off and that there have to wait for there money (your creditors) this will give you alittle time to think how you are going to get thur.

In other words your going to get paid and just hold on to your money for as long as possible. paid only what needs to be paid rent- yes, getting to work - yes, your child - yes everything else - NO (i want to pay you but your have to wait) hold on to your cash.

Put simply you are over committed just on your own, you are not currently in a position to raise a child if you cannot look after yourself.

1) Short term are your bills as cheap as they can be, check on comparison websites to make sure they are such as £300 a month on household bills is expensive if you are living on your own and out of the house for 14 ours a day! I am running a 2 bedroom flat, with baby and partner in all day using electric and I only spend £300 a month. Surely you can cut back somewhere.

2) Do you have a car? If you do i suggest using public transport as at 24 your insurance probably costs 10% of your salary, not to mention petrol!

3) You say you are a trainee, do you have a set date by which you will be promoted and get a payrise? If you are thinking about a loan will you get paid enough to support your liestyle AND pay back the loan when you get your payrise? If not be careful.

4) Do you have the option of moving in with your parents? Or a friend who has a spare room for a year?

5) I think a house share, if you can fid one, would be a very good option as bills are usually included in the rent and it will be much less expensive. It doesnt matter that you dont want to do it, you are not in a position to be picky im afraid.

6) Where is the £300 quid overspend coming from? You dont mention that in the figures, if its just your food and child essential you need to cut back. thats £70 quid a week you are spending. You could buy food for you and the bairn for half that.

His mum is getting child benefit and child tax credits to pay for his food and nappies. You dont need to be shelling that out. Plus if you are paying for his food and nappies etc for 3 days a week thats almost 2 weeks a month she is saving on food and nappies. You need to be asking that question

I know you are bitter that there are a lot of spongers that dont work half as hard as you but you need to keep going.

If you are paying of any loans etc you may wish to speak with your creditors and tell them you are infinancial hardship sot hat they can go easy on you.

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