I Have been scheduled for an interview with the Government

This will be my second interview so things are looking promising - the thing is, I already have a job. I dislike this job.immensely and could not turn away the rare opportunity with the federal government so I have continued to pursue the position.

The bad that my supervisor will not let me off on interview day because someone else already took off. I have tried to cordinate with my co-worker and they will be out or town; there is no other chance for me to make this interview then to come in late as I call the recruiter and they won't be conducting interviews on any other day and I could not reschedule.

As it stands, there is no other way to make this interview other than calling in late. This won't cause me to lose my job, but we all know it looks bad to ask and when told no show up late anyway. But this opportunity won't happen twice...what should I do?

No Problem

Seeing the conflict that you are to make this interview, why not call the interviewer and explain your situation that you are unable to make the time scheduled and for later this afternoon or evening once you have leave work. It is worth a try and I am sure that they can understand.

missed opportunities never return,call the recruiter explain your situation be honest ask them if they can accommodate you first be Early and let your current employer know you have an urgent situation you must take care of you will late and offer to work back the lost hours.good luck

I know this is bad advice, but when it comes to a situation like yours, it's better to just call in sick or say you have a family matter. Trying to get a day off will make people question you as to why you want that certain day off and most likely hesitate giving you an answer right away.

If you call in sick, you're off the hook right away and they won't really be too upset, unless you do it often. I know lying is bad but hey, you want that other job right? It's not the worst sin in the world to lie to an employer when it comes to the betterment your career. But what's done is done... you should just come in late for your work so that you can go to your interview, like what you kind of intend to do anyway.

If you really like the job and it would give you better work benefits than your present work and you'll have greater chances of then go for the interview. Opportunities come once in a lifetime.

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