How to jump out of academic to industry companies, like IT companies, banks, etc.

I have my PhD in one of the best universities in the United Kingdom last year. My PhD research area is the scheduling, resource allocation in distributed computing. Anyway, it was very difficult to find work in precisely this field.  

Although cloud computing is popular, but my area is a little different. So I finally got a research paper (contract) at a university not so good, the pay is good. But what I really want to jump from academia to industry companies, including IT companies, banks, etc. 

The problem is that although I am a doctor, I really do not have good programming skills. To be a junior software engineer I have yet to compete with other new graduates who should be much younger than me. For high-level work (any IT related) I have no commercial exp. It's a little dilemma. 

Have it your way 

They give you about how your mind works the same skills. Any person with a Ph.D. has a logical mind and can solve the problem. 

My son has a PhD in Polymer and got a job in IT for a major bank in Britain. Do not expect to get a job supervisor. You have to prove your worth. Go for it. 

You'll have to pay their dues until they acquire some knowledge of computer programming - if that is the area to enter. A good number of computer science R & D is not developing code - so it could pursue those.

And I hate to say it, but Comp Science PhD graduates do not always make the biggest developers - I've worked with a few, and that made way more complex solution than necessary. 

I suggest also contacted several recruiters and they have to find work for you - some are quite good in specialized positions.

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