I really wanted to volunteer for the Peace Corps, Know any?

I have 18 years and eager to volunteer for the Peace Corps for a year or two before starting college. However, it seems you have to have a college degree to join the Peace Corps. I wonder if something like a 18 year old could volunteer?

Is it for you

You need a college degree definition for the Peace Corps, or some serious skills and unique way. The waiting list is like 1-2 years with a title. Try looking in AmeriCorps. Shorter waiting list, very similar and I do not need a degree. If I were you, although I would go directly to college.

AmeriCorps is a national program impressive. If you are insistent on course abroad, there are many reputable organizatons voluntary payment.

The reason why places like the Peace Corps require a college degree is that the crucial point is to teach all people in developing communities. Unless you have that education or experience, you can not do that.

Stay local. It has to be an amazing place in your community that works for you. There are plenty of payment schemes for unskilled people like you.

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If you want to spend your time in college in such a way so that you would be a great candidate for the PeaceCorps someday:

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And if you'd prefer to "to travel along while doing good"…

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