I can do to get a credit card without credit

I applied for 2 credit cards were denied both of them. (Apply a while back) i applied to discover and Chevron I requested a student credit card i refused.

Im 19 a college student and working part time and still can not get any credit card out there can tell me how to get a loan to build im trying to build credit so you can get a car loan when I'm 21 .

what you can do

A car loan is a horrible idea. You are not financial assets are depreciated. Concerns about a credit card when you leave school and have a career, not a part-time job. Meanwhile, save and buy a good used car for cash.


Very simple. It is necessary to explore the secured cards or get a guarantee. Unless you are 21 or have sufficient income ... is almost impossible to get a credit card at your age.
New federal regulations are making it impossible for anyone under 21 years to get a credit card. Not you.


* Get an array of co-signing a card with you.
* Not doing this is that they have bad credit (bring the credit card balances).
* Do not do this if you plan to carry balances, as it can destroy the credit.
* Payment in full each month.
* Employers check, so do the owners and car insurance companies (which will have to pay more.)

Not getting a secured card.

This card is stil not become a credit card until they are 21. Quick so many people can not afford. guaranteed loan. Fall from about $ 2,000 in a CD and make a guaranteed loan a year against

And yes, getting a car loan is not as economically rational to do, but last year only 25% of the population were able to buy their cars for cash

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