World Financial Group, You know

I just went to a presentation. It was all very vague. Still do not know what the hell they sell. I have another appointment, but will probably cancel. Everyone seemed brainwashed and robotics.

Anyone else with experience in this business?

Do what you want

People went on as audiences at these meetings. Be aware of it. There are two things to be treated. Whether shopping for the high price of mutual funds, annuities expensive, high ridiculoously life insurance policies, etc.


They will try to become a dealer for them You'll have to try to sell to friends and family and go through the phone book calling people (who are not in the list of telemarketers donotcall)

More or less, except as MLM and Pyramid schemes. I unknowingly got sucked into one of his seminars under the pretext of a financial seminar class. He was livid.

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