services apprentice, for air force for either security forces

So I'm thinking of going to the air force, either to the security forces apprentice, learner services, or apprentice fire protection. 

But I have some people tell me that after basic training and after they are kept in a database seas.But I do not want to go abroad. Is this true or has to do with what you do and want to be stationed in New York.

Do what you want 

You are joining a branch of the armed forces. There is no way of knowing where it will serve his time. You can spend all your time in the U.S., which could be sent to a quiet (Guam, Germany, etc) or you could end up in a war zone.
Any recruiter who is sure that will remain in the states, not being honest with you.

You may not have to go abroad, but it is very unlikely to be stationed in New York. You may request, but will send you where they are needed, and could be abroad. I do not know why you will not go.

The three years I spent in England (Air Force) were the three best years of my life, and most people I've talked to who have spent time in another country really enjoyed it. It is not like going alone. You never have to leave the base if you want, because there is a non-commissioned officers club and BX (as a department store) and other activities, such as a cinema.

But if you do leave the base, there is always someone to tell you where to go and where not to go, and usually someone to accompany you. But if you want to stay in New York with a boyfriend or a child, then you may not want to join the air force, it could just as easily be sent to Wyoming and New York.

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