Insurance company second mortgage with when not insured

a friend of mine claims that an insurance company made a man take a second mortgage to pay damages to other cars when he was not insured. I disagree with him. So if you were not working or the mortgage company said no. surely I can not do.

Take your way

Well, it could sue im in that case and take what ever you own if you have not take out that mortgage. 

They can not make use of a particular source of money, but can sue for any assets they have. Now, the mortgage company could be the first time (and if) the property is sold. The insurance company could obtain a warrant and lien on the property would be next in line for any profit when you sell the house. 

So, in order to pay the insurance company, this "type" can only have the equity in your home to turn to. Nobody can dictate as to where to get money to pay, but if not insured if they never come up with something that the other party may bankrupt. It is very foolish not sure whether you are a car driver as the pay could be huge He did not take out a second mortgage.

They did pay for the damage / injury caused.
How did you choose to do that (second mortgage) was his work.

When he decided to drive your car without insurance - agreed to be personally liable for any and all damages and injuries caused. As you learned, would have been much cheaper to pay the insurance. But as he did - to be held personally responsible. He chose to take out a second mortgage to fulfill his obligation.

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