a massage therapist has the potential to make good money

usually only the rich can afford a regular massage. I know that many massage therapists. I know that if you open your own practice, based on the market in your area may be difficult to promote and advertising can be expensive and the business can be slow, depending on how you get there.
I know that massage therapists

although working in chiropractic clinics, physical therapy clinics, or are hired by the boutiques of masaje''''por lack of a better word. these people have a little more security, since they pay a salary to show and work. Then there are the work of the "dream", as cruise ships and resorts and even elite country clubs .... you really need to see all the options and treat that suits you.  

I do not know how you live, or plan of life, but where I live there are 100 of 2 massage therapists and massage schools chief among other locations for training, so here is more difficult to compete against a smaller than not necessarily have as many tons.  
there are opportunities here especially

in places not expected, as some of the grocery stores that have a person doing massage massage chair in a position right in the store. look around and I hope your answer. I do not think this is a bad field in the main I think you should have a lot of physical strength and expect the unexpected client, though ... care and be safe and be informed before deciding. Good luck.  

I try asking massage therapists around your area care phone.

This can be a field to work in Dicy because sometimes there are people trying to get sexual favors from hotels and call at all hours. Foreigners are also called. to that end, find a massage parlor economic and refer people there.  

I hope this has helped you and hope you decide on a career in professional massage therapy can be very rewarding if you are educated and informed. Passion is a must-you can.

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